This sections, as you guessed it includes all my writing projects to date and also some background information on my personal work.

Articles & Reviews

June 2012 – The Beneefits of Work Experience

Jan 2012 – Poverty

Jimmy Eat World @ Edinburgh Corn Exchange

Cell A Secret @ The Market Inn, Ayr

The Blackout @ Edinburgh HMV Picture House


The Druid House Chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Operation G.H.O.S.T
  • Chapter 2: Reload

The Chronicles Of Heaven & Hell:

  • Book 1: Good Omens
  • Book 2: Cinders & Rain
  • Book 3: The Angel & The Suicide
  • Book 4: Crusaders Of The Glorious Dead
  • Book 5: Arise For The Apocolypse
  • Book 6: Rebirth


The Promise


The Space Between Us (Kitchen Sink Drama)

Reflections (The First Christmas Without Granny Abby – A family drama)

Perceptions (TV Series – Piliot & 2 series. Drama & Rom-com)

My Shadows (Psychological Thriller set in Motherwell)

Hungry For Love (romantic drama centred around Anorexia Nervosa)

Finders Keepers (High School drama)

The Recession (Drama focusing on the effect of job loss on both the modern day family and the single man)

Hope For Jas (Drama/comedy focusing on teninment brutality and reacism)

Living With Milo (Drama about an abandoned boy and a stray dog)

Making Memories (Romantic drama serrounding a gay couple as one struggles with his commitment issues and the other tried his most to prove his love)

Songs Spoken (Musical Drama about stereotypes)

Through The Wall (Fantasy romance)

The Bus Analogy (Coming of age comedy drama about a girl and her bus trip through life)


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