Just some simple Q&A’s. You know, cause folk are awfy nosey these days!

Full Name?

Nicola Jane Mirren Smith.
I would like to say I’m named after the Dame herself, but sadly my dad’s just a lil’ too obsessed with St.Mirren football club. Hey, I’m actually lucky – my brother’s middle names also happen to be my dad’s fave player’s name… Cheers Da!

Describe Yourself In Five Words

Funny, Kind, Quirky, Sarcastic & Neurotic!

What’s Your Email Address?

I’ve 3 total but I mainly use nicola.JM.smith@hotmail.co.uk, so contact me on that one if you need me (:

So Ayr? Any Suggestions or Recommendations?

Even though I’ve only just become a local Ayr is a lovely wee place, and I ❤ being by the sea but admittedly the town is usually full of caravaners & golfers just passing through. I live right in the city centre though, so everything is right on my door step or at most a wee walk away.

  • The Beach: Just lovely, don’t go often enough if I’m honest! Also if you have kids you must take them to Priate Pete’s! Or even if you fancy a shot yourself, just go. So much fun.
  • Pubs/Resturants: West Kirk Pub & Bar (Wetherspoons), The Firehouse, The Student Union (obvs), The Malt Cross, Tam o’Shanter, HarleyFurys.
  • Cafe’s: The Basement Coffee House (NME Best Small Venue in Scotland Winner! I do actually love this place! Live music, lovely people, lush food, fab atmosphere & prices), The Beresford (Jennifer’s work – also a wine bar and art gallery), there’s a Costa Coffee & Cafe Nero too.
  • Salons: A Cut Above is where I get my fro cut, its the only one I’ve attended due to the student discount.

So Your A Student?

Indeedly! I’ve just about to start my 3rd year of my BA (Hons) Degree in Filmmaking & Screen Writing.

  • Plan A is to set up my own production company after an extra year at college doing business management or the like. I know, dream big! (:
  • Blan B is a producer, a screen writer or possibly an editor, maybe a combination of all 3. Not totally decided
  • Plan C is a Newspaper or Magazine Journalist/Editor, still writing and stuff, you know?

What Other Sites Do You Use To Ramble Your Nonsense On?
Facebook: Just click on my wee photo on the right there and the link will do the rest!
Twitter: @SmileyJunkie or follow me through my home page.

Pinterest: SmilieJunkie

YouTube: My Showreel

LinkedIn: My Profile

Do You Have Any Jobs?

Pffft! You’d be lucky… I’ve had a couple of jobs here and there, mainly waitressing at party nights and events at M&Ds due to my sister putting in a good word for me. Everything else is voluntary work though.

Volunteering, You Say?

Yip, yip, yip! I’ve done a lotta that. I really like being a volunteer, especially the feel good vibes when helping someone else less fortunate than myself – puts everything in perspective. Plus it’s the only way to get any exp points these days so I grab any opportunity when I can. Most recently I’ve done work with Elgato adapting short stories into scripts for them; a help them & they’ll help you sorta scenario. It all stated back at school though, where I did around 150 hours all in all (got awards and everything!) through my work with local community music studios whilst completed some of my Duke of Edinburgh Award.

What Kinda Tech Do You Use?

Camera wise it’s just my lil’ Fuji Film Finepix AV digital camera (14 mp though, not too shabby), but I’m saving up for a bridged camera, there’s no way I can afford an SLR at the moment, as much as I want one 😦

I’ve then got me E-system laptop with Windows 7 on, nothing special (now close to 10 years old!) but it does the job. Then there’s all the software I use for production work – Celtx, Paint.net, EverNote, Open Office, Audacity to name but a few.

Out and about, I’ve got my Sony Ericsson Experia ArcS and my iPod classic to keep things up to date. For video’s I also have my JVC HD camcorder that I managed to get for Xmas2011.

Right, Faverite Colour? C’mon Just Do It!

Purple! No, Green! No, Blue! No, Red! Wait Purple, yeah purple…Maybe blue…

What Are Your Favorite Reads Concerning Weight Loss & The Like?

Healthy Magazine mainly, I love it. Then there’s certain blogs like “Carrots ‘N’ Cake”, “Crazy Sexy Life” & “Oh She Glows”. I have a couple of books like the ‘Runners World’ Guides To Nutrition series but all else is absorbed from the interweb and certain tele shows.

Where Do You Buy Your Healthy Foods?

It’s a combo trip between many shops to be honest. Tesco & Lidl mainly, it just depends what’s cheapest at the time. I also try a get to the lil’ farmers market in town whenever possible too as it’s much cheaper.

How Much Do Spend Monthly On Food?

Errrr.. whatever I have left once I get everything else I need & want. It’s not a set amount really but normally £20 lasts around two weeks, so £40-£50 in all?

When, What & How Do You Splurge?

I kinda borrowed Tina’s (@CarrotsNCake) Cookie Friday idea and tweaked it for me. Thus Cookie Friday turned into a single day where I found myself craving something in particular and actually had the pennies to afford it. Usual splurges involve ice cream or pizza.

What Gym Stuff Have You Got?

It’s pretty mix and match. I’m not massive about brands, I mean it’s just clothes, & I got it all from Sports Direct so who knows. I know my trainers are USA Sport but that’s it really. Actual equipment consists of my exercise ball and wrist weights. I am looking for a treadmil currently too though.

What Other Magazines Do You Read?

Mixed bag of randomness to be honest. Just depends what I fancy. I always read H&B’s Healthy mag if I remember to buy it. Sometimes though, I read the i Newspaper, Kerrang!, Cosmo, Glamour, Womens Health and Image FX as well.

How Do You Organise Your Day/Week/Month? While Also Keepin’ Track Of Your Noms?

My phone and my photies. I use the Wunderlist App & my college diary for my normal shenanigans then different healthy eating/calorie counting apps & widgets along with my photo food journal for all me om nommin’ details.


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