At the moment I live in the Land of The Scots – in a little flat deep within a wee place named Ayr (West Coast area) with my roommate Jennifer and Simba the cat.

1 simba

Then there’s the rest of my family who are currently living in Motherwell.

Firsty, here’s motha! aka Mrs Kate and wrapped around her like the lanky scarf here is Steven, the oldest of my wee brothers & heres the siblings all together.

Photo0149 day at strathy park 003

The photo’s quite old but you can clearly see the different personalities shining through. Were all such big posers! Love it! (:

Oh & not forgetting Lucky, my sister’s cat (aka Fat Cat) and her fiancee Fraser, who lives with them part-time.


Also there’s my dad step mother Isabel, who live in Bathgate (close to Edinburgh). I try and see them as much as I can, I need to learn to drive in order to see them as often as I want though!


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