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End Of An Era.


Iron Lady? Rust In Peace.

Just bear with me on this. I know you’ve heard it all before but I’ve got some thoughts, gonna doodle them down here – don’t like ’em? Then say so, let’s be civil about this; freedom of speech, right to reply.

Now firstly, I’m not the most politically minded, granted I’ve got my own opinions but who doesn’t? To be frank, I wasn’t all that fussed by the announcement of Thatcher’s death, I just shrugged it off.

Myself, along with some friends, actually only found out through another girl in my class announcing the tweet she received, I know – sad information age blah-de-blah. We all thought it was a joke but when it was confirmed by the news we just found it ironic that our lecture that day was centred on the Popular Realist British Films of the 90’s (“The Full Monty”, “Brassed Off“, “Billy Elliot” and the like), which happened to take place during her time as Priminister, focussing on the aftermath of the Ironworks, Mines and factories her government shut down. Discussion swept over us all and I couldn’t help be sickened by some of the comments, then as soon as our lecturer came in she was beaming and punching the air, rejoicing in her death? Whit?!

People Hold Parties Following The Announcement Of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Death

Is it just me though or are these Maggie Thatcher haters really quite backwards? I in no way supported the woman or the polices she put into place, especially in Scotland’s Industrial communities. Yes, she made mistakes; Yes, she was brutal; Yes, she even stole our milk, but honestly? How disrespectful can get? “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead“, get a grip.

Not only is what she did in the past, if you really believe she was this Devil woman you all make her out to be, then surely you are only lowering yourselves to her standards by making banners, dancing on her front page tributes, creating fake ‘protest’ funerals and dancing around her grave.

Burning her in effigy? Why? Grudges? Bitterness? Give as good as you get? People seem to forget that she was a mother, a grandmother, and had a family just ike the rest of us; people should ashamed of celebrating her death during her funeral.

What confused me most though was these groups of folk my age getting involved.


You were probably still in nappies, stop jumping on the band wagon!

She cut benefits and forced people into unemployment? Cuts and business closure’s are still happening today, why don’t you all focus on the now rather than revel in the past? She made working men commit suicide? I’m sorry, but suicide is a personal choice – just like the personal choice to vote Margret Thatcher into power in the first place. She was democratically voted in. Yes its  horrific what happened afterwards but no matter the controversal aspects of her time as a politician and the families her polices blighted, a funeral is a sombre time to reflect and pay your respects to her family, not cause trouble for the sake of it.

Thankfully things all went of with a sence of respect today. Some turned their backs and booed, but the majority of people put aside their differences and come together for her funeral or even just stayed at home and simply remembered. The fact that the army was there too really portrayed the importance of it all, with Falklands veterans even in attendance. thatcher-funeral-6_2536246k

Admittedly I wasn’t pleased with the fact it was such a big event, costing UK tax payers around £10 million, especially with the economy being the way it is and all the cuts & taxes currently being implemented. I just didn’t see the point in the grandeur of it, she was sill no Churchill in my eyes.

Maybe my opinion is uninformed, I was born in ’92 so I had no real involvement in it all, and felt no aftermath of it but still, it is like the end of an Era, no matter your opinion.


Moving Swiftly On.

On a cheerier note, today is also my youngest brother DJ’s 13th birthday. *breaks out into song*. He still has to go to school, which I giggled at but I ain’t going to lie – I feel so old. Aye, I’m 20, I get that there’s no need to dust off my Zimmer frame just yet but it’s just the fact I remember him being born. I recall waiting in the hospital and then all rushing in to see him, being amused with his wee fingers and squished ‘bulldog’ nose. It’s odd, in a good way. I got him trainers, didn’t know what else I coulda got him; apparently he’s too mature for Ben10 or Power Rangers ): Sad times.

Casting Call Success.

I’ve had a good few responses from my casting calls, which is fab. I’m meeting up with an actor to discuss the male character in the film; his name is Robert Maloney and by the looks of his CV with extra work on Waterloo Road and River City (to name but a few) he’s really good. I’m properly excited, watch this space! I‘m also just about to email STV to ask about Work Experience for the summer, so fingers crossed there too (:

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