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Second Time ‘Round.


System Reboot Initiated <insert techy sounding noise here>

So yeah. Hello. Long time no post. All that jazz.

Guess what I found hiding away deep within my bookmarks?

*dusts it off*

Lets Start Over

So what’s happened since my last post. Pfffft, where to begin?

Aye, well I now live in Ayr, have done since my 2oth birthday (I know, fab gift to me).

I still live with Jennifer & Simba the cat. I’m also nearly finished my first year of my degree (which is actually the 2nd year of the course, direct entry) in Filmmaking & Screen Writing. I’ve still not got a job – as much as I try. All though, I’m still getting some exp. points by voluntary lending my skills to help out in independent production companies, most recently I’ve adapted a short story into a script for ELGATO Film Productions.


So far so good. I’m really enjoying it – don’t get me wrong, its ruddy stressful but I love what I’m doing so I’ll just need to put up with all the coffee & cereal fuelled all-nighters. I passed my first semester, which is handy and this one is going not too bad. I also joined anime club during this time and that’s fab too but I’m that busy I haven’t been for the past few weeks.

Casting CallsCapture2

For my 2nd year project I’m making a short film, a five-minute drama to be precise. It’s going pretty well – the script and treatment are done and I’m currently in talks with actors and their involvement. I really want this to be good, no more amateurish films. Even though it hasn’t got a definite name I love the idea and it’s gonna be very experimental and stylish, with some stop motion animation vibes going on too. Properly excited about it (:

Blood Tests

I had an appointment with the Health Nurse today to get some bloods taken. I’m worried about my memory, it’s getting worse and worse but I’m not even 21 yet. I asked about testing my homocysteine levels in my brain but my doctor had no clue what that even was (admittedly I don’t either but I watched the Vitality Show and speaker was talking about it and it just sorta clicked in my brain due to the symptoms it causes – memory loss and cell depletion).

It could just be my hypercondriact self thinking the worst but it’s not just me that’s noticed, family and friends have even commented on my deterioration in terms of memory – putting names to face and vice versa, remembering information from lectures I’ve just left, recalling where I put things, what people have said to me in the past, important dates, etc. At the moment, the bloods are also checking everything related too, b12 and the like.

So aye, my arms a tad sore now as she pinned two veins to try to draw blood but I get my results on Friday at the latest.

 Keeping My Fingers Crossed.
My Thoughts Go Out To Boston
Obviously hearing the news about the Boston Marathon bombings really shook me to my core yesterday. You go to the cinema or to school, and you get shot? You go to a marathon to raise money, and you get bombed? Honestly, it really is sickening the things that happen in this world.
My thoughts go out to all those injured and the families of those who died.
imagesTruly, it makes you realise just how precious life is.
The news are now suggesting that the London Marathon this Sunday may be at risk too but hopefully the additional security they are putting towards it will deter anyone. Just reading that back makes me sick though, you shouldn’t have to raise security on a charity event in fear of terrorism. It’s just so heartbreaking.
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead… Seriously?Rust-in-peace-via-AFP

Reports are also stating that Thatcher’s funeral tomorrow might also be a target of these terrorists, not just the protestors. Instant thought is ‘aye, calm doon there batman’ but on the other hand it wouldn’t surprise me. Sad thought really.
I’m actually pretty divided on the matter if I’m totally honest but I’m sure you’ve all ready heard the many opinions centred on it. I’ll give my own opinion on the day tomorrow, because I just have to say a couple of things that are bugging me a bout it all, not just the 10 million quid of our taxes paying for it. But I digress… till tomorrow.
lol wut?
Random amazeballs fact of the day…If you Google “Scotland’s national animal” you will be pleasantly surprised by the result. I was, actually made my day, which is actually quite sad now that I think about it – forget I said that. (>_<)
Do it!
  • Song of the Day: Bob Dylan – Scarlet Town.