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Good Vibes.


Evening (:

Been super busy with Uni work at the moment but thought I’d give you all an update… but Doctor Who is on soon, so I’ll needa be quick hehe.

Robert Malone.

angels-share-ken loachThe meeting went really well, Rob’s a lovely guy and he’s really keen to get started, which is fab. He even had the same idea for the stop motion scene I included so I’m glad that came across well in the script; he does suggest I do it in black and white but I’m not too sure to be honest – I’ll try it and see how it looks anyhow. I also asked him if he’s knows any actresses that would be interested in filming as that’s really the only aspect I’m missing and he mentioned a few name’s, including an actress who was in “The Angel’s Share“! I really hope we can get her on board but he also talked about another girl so fingers crossed I have someone by this Wednesday so I can start filming. I’m thinking it’ll have to be done in two days – one for the photography side of the film and the other the for film footage.

I’ve also settle on a name for my film *drum roll”… “The Space Between Us”, simple but catchy me thinks.

On a side note, I felt bizarrely grown up during the meeting, whit’s that aw about? Me sitting there with me striped blazer jacket drinking a black coffee, with my diary and project portfolio sitting on the desk. Blethering about shot sizes, aesthetics, costumes and the like. Twas an oddly fab sensation. Even the wee man at the table next to use found it awfy interesting, staring, listening in and even attempting a casual lean in to get a better insight. Wantae no pal?

Anyheee, I’m getting off topic but aye safe to say I’m getting some really good vibes for the film now (:


* * *

No News Is Good News, Right?

I still haven’t heard anything from the doctors, I’m not overly worried but my hypercondriact wee brain is going into over drive a smidge. I guess I’ll just have to phone up on Monday and find out for myself.

All though, I did get a nope from STV about the whole work experience thingy which is disappointing, not ain’t gonna lie, but something better will come along no doubt… or at least, I hope it will (>_<)

* * *

Wires Crossed .

On another note I’m still without power to my room. We’ve had issues for the past month with the socket in the kitchen tripping the whole system and not going back on afterwards. Our landlord narrowed it down to the plug under the breakfast bar having damp wires due to the washing machine upstairs flooding our kitchen a couple of months ago and it’s just never dried out, thus the RCD switch kept going into safety mode.

Frustrating to say the least.

Since then he’s been back and forth trying to fix the issue. It actually came to the point me and Jen were without power to half of the flat and living through extensions for three days but now it’s just my bedroom that’s affected, typical huh?

It’s been like this for the best part of week now, so I think I may need to phone our landlord again, cause I’m getting a bit sick of doing my hair in the living room every morning. Granted it could be worse, at least I had the living room working – count my lucky stars and all that. (:

* * *


It’s getting closer and closer to the end of my first year at university. Head of 2nd year lecturer, Rachael Stark (I did ask, but there’s no relation to Iron Man, sad face), did say at the start of the year that time would zoom by but it felt like she was just saying that to us last week or summit, so time seems to be taking the biscuit, madness really. It’s also making me realise just how close it’s coming to my first holiday abroad in around 7 years.

Sa Coma, Spain: coming in to airport from plane
I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve been to Majorca before but never the part called Sa Coma, and never with just my dad and Isabel. So at the very least I’ll be interesting. Plus it’s such a generous Graduation & ‘well-done-on-student-of-the-year’ gift from them both, it was totally unexpected and lovely. All I need to do is save for my beer Vodka&Orange tokens and buy clothe; so far my saving’s are going well and I should have £600 saved by the time we fly out.
I’m also planning to do so much while I’m over there; bungee jumping, parasailing and snorkeling. Isabel’s face was a picture when I mentioned that list last time I saw them but my dad’s all for it! So I’m hoping that when it comes down to it both of us wilny wimp out, I’ll regret it if I do and my motto is “no regrets” so I’m just gonna have to man up and do it!

Shall be good! Canny wait!

* * *

That is all (:

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